We are proud to organize the Data Science Conference for the third time!


When we started, two years ago, we wanted to make an impact through some crucial changes to the Data Science scene in Serbia. We were confident that we could organise a conference that was able to match very highly set European standards. Our role models were conferences such as PyData & Strata + Hadoop.

Over the time, the Data Science Conference became a tech event with an aim to inspire IT communities from Southeastern and Central Europe to professionally develop, network and innovate in different data science fields.

This year, the conference is attracting even bigger interest and shoots farther! In November, we will welcome all interested data scientists and enthusiasts. We are going to to bring sharp and revolutionary minds to the conference from many corners of the world to further enable networking and business possibilities.

Team behind the Conference

We are a non-governmental organisation, Institute of Contemporary Science , established to bridge differences between current educational standards and the needs of the modern job market. Long version made short would be: innovation, education and community. We are established in Belgrade, Serbia's capital. We are an open-minded group of people who promote exchange of knowledge, fun, friendship, human values and prosperities of modern societies.

Data Science Conference 3.0 crew

Data Science Conference Regional Ambassadors